Triple room

Price 1 100 Kč per night and room

Room suitable for a family with one child. From the window you can see our entire garden. In the hall of the room there is a small refrigerator. It is possible to have a TV in the room.


Arrivals and departures

We have departures at 10:30 and arrivals at 12:00. If you need to leave later, but guests arrive at your room, you can store your luggage in the facilities of the guest house. We try to accommodate our guests, so arrivals and departures are set very close to each other. If more than one room leaves at the same time, it is not possible to prepare all rooms for 12. It is ideal to state the approximate time of your arrival in the reservation so that everything is ready in time and especially with sufficient cleaning, without which we simply will not let you into the room. Before your room is ready, you can sit in our garden or breakfast room.