Pendion Gerta Český Krumlov

Our rooms are prepared so that your holiday haven`t a mistake. We have for you 5 ROOMS FOR 13 PEOPLE

Why a room in Pension Gerta Český Krumlov?


Dvojlůžkový pokoj

Romantic view of Český Krumlov

Plan a romance for two with a perfect view of Český Krumlov.

Double with kitchen

Dvojlůžkový pokoj s kuchyňkou

Everything for a longer holiday

Enjoy privacy and enjoy your coffee in the garden outside the room.


Třílůžkový pokoj

View of the peace in the garden

Room suitable for a family with one child.

Family for 4

Rodinný pokoj pro 4

Two separate rooms

Keep the children under surveillance but privacy in your own bedroom.


Menší pokoj

Economic solution

The experience of Krumlov is important, not the meters of the room.